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Bor-Solv Supreme (NON-FLAMMABLE) Cannot be shipped outside UK

Bor-Solv Supreme  (NON-FLAMMABLE) Cannot be shipped outside UK

Product Information
A tried and tested formula for over 20 years. During this period Bor-Solv Supreme has set the standard that others only wished to emulate. Bor-Solv supreme not only removes Lead, copper and powder fouling but also removes the Rayon residue inherent with modern day cartridge wads.

It has been long known by serious shooters that modern shotgun wads deposit minute particles of Rayon material building gradually inside the gun barrel bores during the course of a days shoot.

This build up eventually contributes to inaccuracy and pattern disturbment as the residue builds and traps minute powder and lead fouling under its fine film. Pendleton Royal Bor-Solv Supreme not only dissolves this Rayon film but removes the lead and powder fouling during the cleaning process. It deposits a mono molecular coating which retards the bore contamination during regular use. Bor-Solv Supreme is the finest bore solvent available anywhere today, The specification of which other bore cleaners merely strive to attain. It now available in the new handy 100ml size which pops easily into the pocket or gun bag.

Also available are handy boxed patches for shotgun pistol and rifles. Ask your dealer for Pendleton Royal Product information or to see the finest and most comprehensive range of gun care and cleaning accessories available today.
(N.B. Oils and Aerosols Export is not allowed)

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